Tips for Well-Being in the Year of the Goat

Chinese New Year 
February 19, 2015

Based on the lunar calendar, The Chinese New Year falls about six weeks following the Winter Solstice and marks the beginning of spring (even if it doesn’t feel like it yet). In Chinese astrology each year is defined by of one of 12 animals, one of five elements ( wood, fire, earth, metal, water) which in turn, is associated with a color (green, red, yellow, white, black). Each year has a distinctive Yin or Yang energy. The Year of the Goat, 2015 is symbolized by two elements of Yin Wood sitting on top of Earth.

This year 2015, is the Year of the Green Goat.
  • Energy:  The energy of this year is Yin, which is lunar, feminine, intuitive, right-brained, compassionate and submissive.
  • Green (wood): Is the color representing new growth, flexibility, and resilience. The wood element in TCM correlates with the organs of the liver and the tissues of tendons and ligaments. Earth element correlates with stomach and corresponds to digestion and muscles
  • Animal symbol: Goat/Ram/Sheep (the Chinese calendar uses these animals interchangeably).  The goat is an easy-going creature who symbolizes resiliency, calmness, stability, and creativity.

Yin is stored in Water element so lacking water in 2015 will weaken the energy aspect of Kidneys. The Yin Wood and Water correspond with bone and ligamentous tissues and may effect major joints such as neck, back and knees and with Earth (Stomach) involvement the entire musculoskeletal system.

Tips for the Goat year:

  • Consume 4-6 glasses of warm or room temp water with lemon daily
  • Exercise/stretch regularly
  • Eat a healthy, organic diet, including foods with beta carotene (carrots, broccoli, garlic and tomatoes)
  • Limit intake of sugar, flour and cold foods
  • Talk to your Oriental medicine practitioner about herbs that can support immune system

Here is a list of foods to eat to ensure a good year….

  • Bamboo Shoots for Wealth and Happiness
  • Clams – Money
  • Daikon Radish for Good Omens
  • Dried Bean Curd for Happiness
  • Eggs for Fertility and Creativity
Fish – Whole – for Abundant Wealth and the head and tail indicate a good beginning and end of the year
  • Greens for Abundance
  • Lily Buds (dried) – Prosperity
  • Lotus Root for Continuing Wealth
Lotus Seed for Children
Lychees for Close Family Ties
Noodles for Long Life
  • Oranges/Tangerines for Luck and Wealth (esp. good with leaves attached)
Pomelo – Continuous Prosperity and Status
  • Potstickers and Egg Rolls for Wealth
  • Rice for Abundance
Rice Cakes – both sweet and savory – A Higher Year
  • Sea Moss for Prosperity
Shiitake Mushrooms to Fulfill Wishes

Happy New Year!