Relief from IBS, solutions for anxiety: Real stories of success from our patients

Helping patients facilitate recovery from a variety of unresolved, chronic health issues such as IBS, anxiety, depression, migraines, back and neck pain, injury pain, digestive and gynecological issues and more. Browse patient testimonials and make an appointment today.

Low Back Pain

I have been dealing with inflammatory issues in my body for over seven years and it was contributing to all kinds of health issues including pain and discomfort from arthritis, restless leg syndrome and sciatica.

Western medicine jerked me around for five years and accomplishing nothing. However, in a matter of four months under Mark’s care, my pain level went from a six to a two and my energy level went from a low of about five to an eight (on a scale of 1-10).

My mind is more clear and focused and the swelling/inflammation is less frequent. I haven’t felt this good in two years and plan to continue working with Mark as long as I can.

Chronic Fatigue.

Mark, I just want to thank you – since I’ve started my visits with you, I feel like a completely different person which is a good thing. I came to you because I was exhausted, achy and completely out of sorts. After three visits, I have more energy, I’m completely relaxed and I also lost weight without even trying. I have not felt this good in years.

I also shot the best golf game since I’ve started playing 12 years ago – I will be taking you on tour with me. Thank you again and I look forward to our next visit.


Really. Mark, what you did was amazing!

Your treatment was more effective than anything anyone suggested/did to me or gave me in pill form since last Monday. Don’t know why I didn’t come see you first. (Glad I finally came to my senses though.)

Neck & Back pain. Chronic cough.

Mark is a caring and tenacious practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I have often thought that it would be great if some of the “western” doctors I have dealt with had the tenacity and drive to help that Mark has. You know he is on your side and will not stop until you are feeling much better.

Additionally, he is able to address long term issues (in my case, back and neck stiffness) and completely alleviate them – I feel better than I have in many years.
I HIGHLY recommend Mark.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been seeing Mark every week for over several years now for acupuncture treatments, during my time with Mark, the symptoms from the Rheumatoid Arthritis I’ve had for over twenty years have diminished greatly.

The changes I’ve seen within myself have been nothing short of amazing, my pain levels are very low compared to years ago, my mood has improved leaving me feeling less stressed and more peaceful, my energy levels have increased significantly as well.

Mark feels that the body is responsible for healing itself, and that he and I together are working towards accomplishing the same goal, which is to keep R.A. at bay, and maintain the level of success I’ve had thus far.

Depression, General Pain, Asthma.

I have been a patient and student of Mark’s for the last 6 years and I highly, highly recommend his wise and expert technique. I write “student’ as Mark Gutkin is supremely knowledgeable in all things relating to Eastern/Chinese nutrition, health, wound care and of course herbal remedies. He has given me books to read, poultices that our family has used on ligament and bone injuries and we frequently have discussions before and after treatment that have given me an in-depth understanding of natural ways to heal my body (and that of our family).
I call his needles “magic”! He is my go-to therapist for everything: Bone and muscle aches and injuries; asthma issues; hormonal issues; depression and mental health issues. Over the years i have ascertained that Mark’s “magic needles’ can resolve all issues that deal with the above.
Thank you and bless you Mark for being …you!


It is with my deepest gratitude that I write. It was on a freezing day last January when I arrived in such poor condition at your door. The warmth of your hand and in your eyes was a perfect welcome. I was in such a depressed state and you quickly diagnosed how much of a toll my body and spirit had taken from recent tragic events. I was in deep emotional pain, so sad and angry over the loss of my spouse and two family members. I was getting lost and becoming despondent and you helped rescue me. You were honest when we had to have difficult conversations and I always knew your intention was pure. Even when I felt you were pushing me too hard, you made me comfortable enough to share my feelings and you respected my wishes.

Your high intellect allows you to diagnose quickly and your recall is incredible. You offer so many helpful suggestions about diet or better ways of treating the body, mind and soul. It was a blessing for me to have found you and, I am feeling so much better physically and emotionally because of your excellent care. My anger has passed, my emotions are less erratic and I am in a much better place for having met you. You are a great healer and friend and I will be forever grateful.

As you know I have already made multiple referrals and you have helped many of my friends and I will continue to sing your praise.

With my most heartfelt appreciation.


General Anxiety Disorder

Mark is a dedicated and devoted practitioner. I initially went to see him for a myriad of disruptive symptoms leading my m.d. to suggest I go on medication for hypothyroidism. A combination of his treatments, along with what feels like an endless supply of useful lifestyle information (from breathing techniques to dietary suggestions) has made me feel like I’m back in my real body again (without introducing any new medications!) With 2 toddlers at home I was desperate to feel like myself again and I remain very grateful that I found him. Can’t recommend highly enough


I consider myself open to new ideas, but also a bit of a skeptic. So when Mark Gutkin first felt my pulses and examined my tongue I thought, ‘OK this is hokey.’

Little did I know!

With such a seemingly simple exam Mark created a schematic of how to treat ME. With confidence, professionalism and precision he began his work. Within minutes after he finished placing the needles and stepped out of the room I was transported to a blissful state of being.

Since working with Mark my ability to cope with a high stress career and young family has become a success. My desires have been better realized and I’ve been more confident in reaching my full potential.

Mark’s practice is more than just lying down and being “stuck with needles.” He is a true Urban Medicine Man and Healer.

Knee pain, GI

Mark is kind and compassionate as well as careful and meticulous. He answers every question thoroughly and listens carefully to what I have to say. He has the keen ability to restore balance and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Neck Pain

Without a doubt…, Dr. Mark has been truly a blessing. I left the hospital on New Year’s Eve with a cat scan, a bag of pain meds, and not a clue of what to do to stop the pain. For the last several weeks I look forward to twice a week treatments of acupuncture and counseling…some of his recommendations I have heard from my mom…sit up straight, don’t eat that and exercise. But the difference is…after every treatment, I feel relief, improvement, hope and appreciation. God bless you Dr. Mark.

Stress, Post-op pain, Hormonal

Thank you Mark! Acupuncture is an amazing alternative to traditional medicine. I have seen Mark for stress relief, surgery pain management, and moderating body temperature along with other things. I always, always call him as opposed to a traditional doctor (which I am not opposed to but I think there is a careful balance to be achieved). Acupuncture has changed my life!


Not incidentally, today marks the end of week two of solid and refreshing sleep. My energy levels have been restored. My daughter said on Saturday, “I’ve got my Dad back!” I am sincerely grateful to you.

Stress and anxiety

I went to Mark to see if he could help with the stress and anxiety I was feeling. I have never been to an acupuncturist and was, quite frankly, a little skeptical. I also don’t love needles. He calmly assured me that they wouldn’t hurt, and he was right. The first half of the treatment I didn’t feel much, then he came back in, shifted a few things and I was overcome with an immediate sense of clarity, awareness and general sense of invigoration. I felt surprised because I wasn’t expecting to feel anything. We spoke about it after the treatment ended and he gently explained that this is the energy being shifted. I have felt calmer and less anxious and am looking forward to another visit.

Acute Low Back Pain

When I threw out my lower back, Mark came to my home to treat me. It was far more than your average acupuncture treatment. He diagnosed what got me there, advised me on healing and preventative habits including diet changes and more. He made time to treat me outside of regular business hours for an additional 2 sessions after which I was back to 100%. I’m a big fan, and now, a loyal customer.

Mark is compassionate, gentle, friendly, professional, intuitive and expert in his care of people as a whole being. He will not simply treat a symptom but support the entire system to improve well being.

Anxiety, dizziness, irritability, and general burnout.

I began seeing Mark this winter on a whim in hopes that it would help with a variety of issues including anxiety, dizziness, irritability, and general burnout. The acupuncture coupled with a myriad of other changes that I’ve made to my diet, sleep, habits, all suggested by Mark, has changed my life. I have seen so many positive impacts in a few short months, including for things that doctors told me could only be fixed by medicine. Mark truly cares about his patients, listens intently, and follows up to check in on how you are feeling. He goes above and beyond and is accommodating in terms of schedule. I highly recommend Mark.

Muscle Cramps/ Charlie horse/Leg cramps 

Mark, it is that time of year when many of us reflect on our blessings and with the size of my wonderful family I have many. But when reflecting on my daughter yesterday I could not help but remember a conversation I had with you at her house several years ago.
I had suffered with cramps for years and originally my physician prescribed quinine. But it came to a point where I dreaded going to bed for I knew I would spend the better part of the night standing by the bed trying desperately (and painfully) to “stretch” the cramps away.
We were at a party when I met you and I did not feel comfortable in that venue sharing the depth of my despair. You matter of factly asked that I email you a list of the prescriptions and suggested your muscle cramp remedy. Within 24 hours my cramps were (and remain) gone!

Bottom line, Mark, I realize now that you literally saved my life! A person can only go so many days substituting sustaining sleep for horrific pain and little to no serious sleep at all.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

Please use this link If you’d like to purchase the muscle cramp remedy

Polyps, Chronic fatigue, Shortness of breath 

It is with deep gratitude that I write this testimonial for Mark Gutkin, whose insight, compassion, and wisdom, on top of his expert technical knowledge of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, started saving my life about six months ago, in May 2020.  I was a wreck when I staggered into his office for the first time, barely making it up the three flights of stairs no longer required to reach his lovely new office.  After months of pursuing every avenue that Standard Western Medicine had to offer – General Practitioners, Rheumatologists, Allergists, Pulmonologists, Ear-Nose-Throat specialists, and every medical solution that they could offer, from antibiotics to steroids – as well as every herbal remedy known to my very competent and caring herbalist – I just was not getting better, and in fact was having more and more trouble breathing or functioning at all every day.  I have also been a Level II Reiki practitioner for 18 years myself.  Nothing seemed to really help.

The previous August, I had landed in the Emergency Room with blood pressure over 255 / 150 (apparently an allergic reaction to something), so things were really not good.  In his very thorough intake process, Mark quickly identified that part of the problem was that I had also started “juicing,” thinking it would be a great boon to my health!  However, his pulse diagnosis determined that in Chinese terms, my whole system was excessively cold and damp, and this underlying condition was actually being exacerbated by the raw, fresh juices I had added to my routine, remembering that this had once helped me heal years ago.

I had also worked with acupuncturists before, so I had some sense of what was possible – and I have to say, Mark is by far the most holistic and effective acupuncturist I have ever worked with, in New York City or Southern Connecticut.  He knows not only the proper points and meridians to stimulate (which I try to have done on a weekly basis to maintain my steady improvements), but Mark also had me switch to warm beverages and soups, featuring a lot of fresh ginger and other “warming” herbs and spices, and even making my own ginger oil to apply along my meridians topically.  I figured out one day I even had to give up the red pepper flakes I was enjoying in my daily brown rice “congee” (see) – because it is in the “nightshade family,” along with my beloved potatoes and tomatoes, long gone from my diet.  So thanks to Mark, I have learned to make congee in my slow cooker with fresh sliced turmeric instead – which is a natural anti-inflammatory in its own right.

Now I hardly recognize myself or my life.  I have lost more than 50 lbs., and enjoy walking at least a mile every day, and I can do more and more yoga every day – without stiffening up or becoming winded – I was on the verge of being diagnosed with COPD by the Western Medical Field – due to allergy-based asthma – and I have not touched an inhaler or taken a steroid in at least four months.  I could barely make it for four hours without my inhaler before.  My bloodwork shows that my general inflammatory response is also greatly decreased now, thanks to the simplified diet that I have learned to enjoy.

Mark has even prescribed helpful chi gong exercises for my eyes – which have tended to get dried out ever since my “cardiac crisis” in 2019, causing nerve-wracking double vision in both eyes – they are improving greatly now, after very little help from a local specialist, and another at Yale.

Mark is also a helpful counselor for the ongoing stressors in my life as well.  I happily recommend Mark to my extended family, and anyone and everyone really looking for real help with any persistent, chronic, systemic health issues – he will detect patterns and connections and underlying causes, and real solutions, which are simply not part of our culture to identify or understand.  I am delighted to share that I am now actually becoming healthier as I continue to age (I’m about to turn 64), and I really owe it to Mark and his truly holistic and comprehensive approach, which very literally saved my life last Spring, and continues to bring me cumulative improvements and benefits every month.

I shudder to think of what would have happened by now had I not gone to Mark when I did.  If you can get in to see Mark, don’t wait, run if you can.  If you can’t run, then crawl.  Do whatever it takes to get there, and all I can say is, “Give it a try.”  No matter how outlandish or simplistic it sounds, try to do what he says!  Acupuncture is about much more than needles – and they hardly ever hurt, if that worries you.

Mental Health, Spiritual growth.

As a writer, every so often, a prompt proves ‘too tall’ for my pen. Explaining my experience with Mark is one such prompt. In any event, below is my best attempt.

I was led to Mark in 2020, while on a two month mental-health leave of absence. I was 30 years old, physically unhealthy, emotionally immature, and completely lacking in self-awareness. I was resentful. I was judgmental. I was a slave to my conditioning. I was lost and I was losing.

Mark accepted me as I was and — through patience, guidance, and presence — reintroduced me to myself.

This is in stark contrast to my Western doctors who seemed convinced that prescription pills were my only remedy.

Mark’s prescriptions felt more wholesome and intentional.

He, of course, prescribed acupuncture — with each treatment being uniquely tailored to his interpretation of my specific pulses. He is a gentle and skilled craftsman but he is so much more than an acupuncturist.

He prescribed a whole foods diet and emphasized the importance of eating as a family unit. He prescribed meditation and breathing practices. He prescribed certain spiritual readings and teachers. He prescribed gratitude journaling and habitualized writing. He prescribed self-awareness, self-prioritization, and a perspective of service. Suffice it to say, he prescribed a path to rebuilding, reconditioning, and reconnecting.

As I continue down this path, with all of its bumps, blocks, and beauty, I feel immense gratitude for being led to Mark. If you are reading this, and considering a relationship with Mark, I’d urge you to trust the path that has led you here. I wish you luck, love, peace, and presence.

Autoimmune disorder 

I have not been able to find another practitioner in CT like Mark. What makes my experience so unique, meaningful, and worthwhile is that Mark supports healing beyond acupuncture. From the moment of intake, Mark considered the wellness of my whole being: emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually. Beyond supporting my immune system, nervous system, and level of energy, Mark has helped to facilitate my personal growth and development. Through dialog and insightful questions, Mark has been able to gently hold up a mirror and reflect back what I need to see in order to be well and live my best life (even if I would rather overlook). He’s always willing to offer recommendations based on what’s going on in my health and in my life. I leave better off than when I came in, every time. 

Without exaggeration, Mark has changed my life. At his core, Mark is a gifted healer — but it isn’t just about the needles; he brings a gentle and patient nature to every problem. I am not only pain free but am now living a more full life thanks to the work we have done together. Am eternally grateful and highly recommend to others seeking the same!

Mark is a huge support in my life. He teaches me how everything is connected in healing and I feel as if I’m learning as he treats me. I have never experienced better acupuncture. I leave his office an improved person, physically and mentally. If you are struggling with something, trust me he will know exactly how to help you!

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