From recurrent colds due to low immunity to stress, depression, anxiety & migraines, acupuncture can help.

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Insurance Accepted.

Please check your plan for ‘Out-of-Network Acupuncture” coverage.
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Uninsured Rates: $120 after $170 initial visit.

Thank you for educating me so i can make better choices for my family. You are a true doctor, educate to prevent. I am excited to continue our journey.

WendyWeston, CT

What to Expect

First Visit (~90 min):

  • Thorough evaluation of symptoms and  health history
  • Eastern diagnosis based on determination of  Pattern and Elements involved
  • Lifestyle and Diet evaluation
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Acupuncture treatment

Next two weeks:
Bi-weekly acupuncture sessions (~60 min) & Herbal Prescription

Week three:
Re-assessment. In the event the symptom(s) are not resolved, four to six visits might be advised.
*All cases are different and treatment plan is determined per individual progress.

Next three months:
Bi-monthly maintenance visits as needed. We recommend staying with the treatment for at least 3 months to experience long-term relief.

First Time? Please Download and complete the intake and symptoms forms and bring it with you for the initial visit. If certain questions are unclear feel free to leave it blank and we will go over it together. Please review cancelation policy prior to booking. Looking forward working with you.