Amma – Simplicity & Love

“Amma “ lovingly called by thousands  all around the world is an epitome of simplicity and love.

Amma belongs a rich heritage of Alapuzha , Kerala considered as gods own country in India. For over 13 years  Amma has been dedicated to teaching thousands of people all over the world the secret to simple living in the midst of abundance and choice.

Also known to quote the Patanjali Sutras in many of her pravachans and lectures , Amma believes that Patanjali is one of the most practical saints of all times .

The Bhagwad Gita  shlokas and its relevance in our day to day life is another favourite in Amma s lectures.

A mystic.. a scholar ..a yogini …Amma

We are hosting a series of lectures and meditation workshops around the Fairfirld County. Check back for more info.

There is no fee for the events although donations are welcome.

The donation goes to Ramakrishna Mission Mylapore to supply the essential medicines of the Mission’s  Mobile Dispensary  unit . The unit is the only medical help for the rural people of Mylapore who are not able to get the basic health care . The mobile unit makes weekly visits to the 17 remote villages to make basic health care available.