Spring 2023 Newsletter

Happy Spring!!!

In the Cycle of the Five Elements, Spring/Wood is a forceful energy moving Up and Out (just like a tree). The Organs related to Spring are the Liver and Gall Bladder which are responsible for the smooth flow of energy. If your energy or emotions are up and down lately suspect your ‘Wood’ element being involved.

A few recommendations to move Wood energy in the Spring:

  1. Alkaline your system by drinking hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning
  2. The Liver does not like to be stagnant, so rhythmic motions like swimming, kayaking, Yoga, or powerwalk are great ways to ensure circulation.
  3. Eat your Greens (cooked though)..
    As the raw vs cooked debate is still among dietitians, nutritionists, and Eastern medicine practitioners, the new phrase on the block is “it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb”. When veggies are cooked some nutrients are lost but others become more available to be absorbed. Not to mention cooked foods protect the Kidney and Spleen energy from draining.
  4. Limit Caffeine and avoid Greasy Foods.
  5. Eat Apples regularly – this helps ensure you will not have gall stones (the pectin breaks them down)

Things to know about Wood Energy: 

  1. Between 11 pm and 1 am is the time of the Liver and it is at its optimum function
  2. If we stay up late while having a “second wind” and find ourselves making lists and becoming manic with activity (Wood governs planning and decision-making), most likely the Liver energy is in excess and needs to be reduced.
  3. For women – cycle – a short lie down in the afternoon reaps huge rewards, allows the blood to return to the liver, and helps the Kidney energy to anchor.
  4. Our physical flexibility (through the tendons and ligaments) and emotional ease depend on this element as does our inner vision as well as clear-sightedness.
  5. Are you feeling sure of your direction?  When wood is in harmony we have clear goals and aspirations and can focus our energy well on what is important.  Problems with Wood element could manifest in indecisiveness and frustration.

Having Seasonal Allergies?

In most cases, I’ve seen seasonal allergies as a trifecta: Liver – Spleen, Liver – Lung, and Liver – Kidney miscommunications. Causes vary according to the Element and the season. In the book ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ this dynamic of Five Elements or Organ Networks is described as “An overly brawny Liver depletes the Kidney, oppresses the Spleen, and obstructs the Lung.”

The good news is that restoring the dynamic often takes only 3-4 visits.

Below are a few Symptoms of the disbalance involving the Liver Network. It goes far beyond a runny nose or watery eyes:

Lung-Liver Disharmony:

  • sensitive, easily inflamed skin or mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract or eyes
  • tension and stiffness of muscles of the neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and hips
  • sensitivity and/or aversion to heat, dryness, wind, droughts, or sudden changes in weather
  • awkward and stiff expression of personal feelings
  • unpredictably reactive or indifferent, angry or sad, friendly or distant
  • craving for fatty and spicy foods

Spleen-Liver Disharmony

  • pain and cramping in the stomach and intestines,
  • erratic appetite (cravings for sugar)
  • nausea, loose stools, bloating (especially after meals)
  • mucus in the nose/throat
  • heaviness and weakness in the limbs

Kidney-Liver Disharmony

  • hip and low back pain or herniated disk
  • inflammation of the reproductive organs or dysfunctions such as infertility, impotence, excessive/low libido
  • formation of cysts and nodules

If you or someone you care about is at the wits end with their dossier of symptoms feel free to use/FW a self-booking link to schedule a consultation and treatment.

My turn to ask for a favor.
In the quest to promote alternative healthcare and to battle Sole Proprietor’s cabin fever, I’m looking for a medical facility (GYN, Fertility, Orthopedic, Pain, or Multidisciplinary Center) that would be open to offering Acupuncture to their patients on-site or perhaps hosting a talk. If you know of an open-minded physician or a clinic that I can talk to, an email introduction would be greatly appreciated.

Win a Free treatment:
A call to the marketing geniuses. I’m looking for recommendations to promote the practice. If you have an idea that doesn’t involve Facebook or LinkedIn I’m all ears. For example, if your employer’s insurance plan covers acupuncture (i.e. Stamford Public Schools and Government Center) I’d love to have an opportunity to connect with an HR. If your suggestion opens a new channel with at least 3 bookings your visit is on the house.

Have a Healthy Spring.